Snare Wires. Do they really make a difference?

I realised the other day that I’d broken one of the wires on my snare wire. So, knowing that having any damage to the snare wire can make a big difference to the sound I decided to replace it.

On shopping about there seem to be a few options and at difference prices. So, which ones to buy?

The two main contenders seem to be:


I ended up buying the Custom Pro Brass Wires. And it sounds great!

The Custom Pro series of snare wires are the ultimate in ease-of-use.

Available in 13″ and 14″ models, the Custom Pro Series wires are designed with Anti-Choke end plates that significantly reduce annoying snare buzz and also provide a wider range of available snare tension without choking the drum. The Speed Release straps allow the player to disengage the snare wires without releasing the straps for the strainer or butt clamps. The result is snare wire changes that can happen in seconds. The brass models provide a brighter, resonant sound, whereas the steel models provide a darker, crisp response.


Check out the website for more options! They have a super 30 wire and an equalizer wire. The more wires the more ‘snare’ sound you get!

I’d recommend experimenting with a few different wires over time to find the sound you’re after.



DW True Tone seem to be the other option for quality wires.

They have a selection of:



There are other options for snare wires that are cheaper – from pearl, mapex etc. But for that crisp snare sound I’d recomend the above!

For more info see www.bristoldrumlessons.com


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