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Below you’ll find a list of the Rockschool Publications. The books below, diligent practice and experienced guidance are all you need to become an all-round competent drummer. The main Rockschool books cover all styles and include learning on technical exercises, sight reading, hearing and musicianship. Whats more, with the Hot Rock books you can learn some of the best songs ever written and sitting the grading always you time to grow as a drummer and performer. Also included is a link to how the Rockschool grading system works.

Main Grading Books Debut – Grade 8

Drums Debut

Drums Grade 1

Drums Grade 2

Drums Grade 3

Drums Grade 4

Drums Grade 5

Drums Grade 6

Drums Grade 7

Drums Grade 8

Additional Books

Let’s Rock Drums (Pre Debut Grade)

If you would like further information about Rockschool or drumming in general email Gavin at or call 07542 594 112.