Recommended Drumming Equipment

Drum Kit

It is recommend that students have a drum kit that they can access regularly between lessons to aid continued learning on the instrument. If you already have a drum kit, that’s great news! If you don’t please read on.

If you live in the city and don’t have access to a soundproof room or a detached house, electronic drum kits are a fantastic starting point. They are quieter and enable the student to play more regularly.

I recommend a Yammaha DTXplorer kit. They can be found on ebay for approx. £250 (2017). They are well built and keep their re-sale value. New, they have been super-seeded by the Yammaha DTX400 Series. I recommend the DTX430 or DTX450 with the real bass drum pedal. Brand new these cost approximately £500 (2017). Roland are also well renowned for providing outstanding electronic drum kits.

Drum Practice Pad

If you don’t have a drum kit just yet, I recommend purchasing a drum practice pad that can be used in between lessons. Vic Frith Practice Pads are well made and built to last. The PAD12 is a good choice.

Grading Book

I teach from the Rockschool Drum Grading books. In the introduction email I recommended the best grade to aim towards for your drum lessons. For all publications I recommend the paper version. Here is a list of the individual publications at the Rockschool Shop.

Manuscript Book

To accompany the drum grading book I also request that students purchase a blank drum manuscript book. Hal Leonard Online produce good quality manuscript books at reasonable prices. Here is the direct link for purchasing on Amazon.

Drum Sticks

Last but certainly not least. Drumsticks! To begin I recommend stick size 5A. Vic Firth make reliable and evenly weighted sticks. For electronic drum kits I recommend a pair of Zildjian Anti-Vibe sticks.

If you have any questions let me know at or call Gavin on 07542 594 112.