Lightweight Hardware! For the working drummer.

Hi, I thought I’d throw out a quick blog about lightweight hardware. My hardware case seems to be growing in weight and my back isn’t thanking me! So, time to invest in some lightweight stands to ease the loading and unloading part of the gig.

I’ve had a snoop around and these seem to be the best bets in the UK.

1) DW 7000 series hardware

Made especially for the working drummer, 7000 Series single-braced hardware is perfect for the weekend trap case. Included are all the features you’d expect from DW, but without the added weight.  Lighter-gauge tubing and single braced tripod legs are easier to carry, but without sacrificing sturdiness or strength.

The DW stands are a little pricey, but in experience really good quality. So, a good investment.

2) Yamaha Single-braced 700 Series Hardware Set

Pro players demand flawless reliability, and here it is in one complete hardware package.
The 700 series offers streamlined design and outstanding stability in lightweight single-braced hardware.

Affordable and theres lots of good reviews out there!

3) Gibraltar 7000 Series

At first look the Gibraltar 7000 Series stands appear to be quite heavy-duty. Actually, these stands are quite light in weight, but a heavy weight in performance. The elliptical leg base assembly provides maximum stability without the double-braced weight or large leg spread. Constructed of lightweight steel, these stands perform well for on the go or tight space set-ups.

For more drumming info and tips see www.bristoldrumlessons.com!





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