Floor Tom to Bass Drum Conversion ‘jungle kit’

I’m on the brink of purchasing a 16inch floor tom and converting it to a bass drum. Creating a ‘jungle kit’ sound. The main purpose to reduce the low end sounds when practicing.

There are a few options out there when converting. Ahead of this paragraph I’ve listed a few options and a peppering of pros and cons; as found on that internet. Hope it helps!

1) DW9909

info at : – here.

This riser comes in at £148 in the UK. I haven’t been able to find many reviews but did speak to a drum store. They seemed to think it works perfectly well. I thought the drum may slip around a bit on the 4 spurs, but apparently not!

Another advantage of this option is that it’ not drum size or even drum type specific. So, can be used for all sorts of percussion instruments. The downside being the price.

2) Pearl JG16 (£35)

Info here

This seems to be one of the cheapest and most effective ways to raise your floor tom. It includes the spurs and a plate to attach your kick pedal to. You’ll also need to buy either an

ISS mount. Info Here. (£25)

OR an Opti Mount. Info here. (£59)


Reviews for each mount seem varied. Some people say that the ISS will pull at the rim of the drum affecting the tuning and damaging the drum. Others say it’s absolutely fine. The Opti mount is used on the Pearl higher end kits so suggests it may be a better option. But you pay more.

I’ve asked around and the JG16 will work with most toms (Yamaha etc) ‘ (fits all floor tom leg brackets with 3/8″ diameter legs)’.

The ISS can be bought in different sizes so it’s worth checking the thickness of the drum rim.

These seem to be the two main options in the UK.  This forum thread goes into more detail :  – THREAD.





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