Drum Lesson Payment Method and Rates

Throughout this document, the word “client” refers to “student and/or parent”.

– Clients are paying for 24 private lesson time slots (one lesson every 2 weeks over 48 weeks) per year out of the total 52 weeks per year, leaving 4 weeks unpaid. Payments for these 48 weeks are divided into 12 equal monthly payments each year. The teacher will take four weeks off during the course of the year, and since they are already unpaid, fees for those months will not change.

– Paypal monthly payments are the only form of payment accepted and are set up on the date of your first lesson (and will recur every month on the same date), paying for the following month in advance. This simple billing system makes payments predictable and provides a safe and secure way for the client to make payment. The client will receive a receipt from Paypal for each monthly payment and the subscription payments can be cancelled at any time.

Cancelled / Rescheduled Lessons

– If the teacher cancels a lesson for any reason, a) it will count as one of the teacher’s 4 no-lesson weeks, b) the teacher will reschedule the lesson, or c) the student will be fully credited the next month for the missed lesson (the refund will be independent of the regular monthly payment and can be made via BACS or Paypal). If the client cancels a lesson giving at least 24 hours notice, the teacher will agree to reschedule it upon request if it can be scheduled during normal teaching hours (i.e. taking the time slot of another student who cancelled). A make-up lesson is not offered if less than 24 hours notice is given.

Transportation and Lesson Time

– To show respect toward the personal time of the teacher or to the previous student’s lesson time and the privacy they enjoy with the teacher, students should not come into the studio more than 1 minute before the scheduled lesson time. The first student of the day should come in as close to the lesson time as possible.

– If a client wishes to discuss something with the teacher in person, whether it is related to business/policy or education, the client should initiate the discussion at the beginning of the lesson so that the discussion occurs on the student’s time instead of during the time of the next student.


– Students have the right to drop out of drum lessons at any time for any reason. The teacher also reserves the right to terminate lessons for any reason, including (but not limited to) the failure to abide by this policy, improper conduct in the studio, or poor practicing.

– Please note that there are no toilet facilities at the studio.

If you have any questions contact info@bristoldrumlessons.com or call Gavin on 07542 594 112.