Best Snare Drum for Funk…

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I’ve been looking for a new snare for funk music and decided that the standard 14 x 5 or 5.5 just doesn’t give the high pitched crack needed for the sound I want. Here is a list of contenders:

Sonor Gavin Harrison 12 x 5 £465

Pearl Omar Hakim 13 x 5 £259

DW 12 x 5 Maple £375

Yamaha 13 x 7 Beech Akira Snare £409

Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute 13 x 6

Or these puppies:

Benny Greb Sonor Signature Snare 13 x 5.75

Artist Series Sonor Beech 13 x 5

This is Jo Jo Mayer ‘s main snare .

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