Best Hi Hats for Tight Quick Funk Sound

I’ve been in the market for some new funk hats so I thought I’d share my short list with you. Just in case you wake up tomorrow thinking ‘I need a new pair of tight funky hi hats’.


If this situation arises the following list may help –

13″ HHX Sabian Groove Hats







As played by Derrick Mckenzie.


13″ Sabian Vault Fierce Jo Jo Mayer Hi Hat 








As played by Jo Jo Mayer.

13″ A Mastersound Zildjian Hi Hat








As played by Dennis Chambers.



13 ” Meinl Byzance Fast Hi Hat









As played by Thomas Lang.

That’s it.. my shortlist. Of 13 ” funk hats.


Happy shopping. More drumming info at www.bristoldrumlessons.com

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