Best Cymbal Packs for beginners…

Best Cymbal Packs for Beginners

I’ve been asked about the best cymbal packs for beginners so here are some thoughts blogged on a page.

Most of the main manufacturers make cymbal packs for beginners. The packs can be split into two groups:-

1 – Bronze Based Alloys/Cymbals
> Zildjian Z4 Planet Z Cymbal Set Up (Percussion, Drums) – £116

> Stagg Brass Cymbal Starter Set (Percussion, Drums) – £99

> Paiste 101 Universal Brass Cymbal Set – 14-16-20 – £115

> Pearl PCP-204S Cymbal Set – £79

> Sabian Solar Performance Cymbal Box Set – £108 (Brass)

2 – More complex/professional alloys developed individually be each manufacturer:

> Sabian B8 3-Piece Performance Cymbal Set – £229

> Zildjian ZBT B4P 4 Cymbal Pack – £199 13″ HH.

> Meinl HCS Cymbal Set, HCS141620 – £141

The more complex alloys create a richer sound, more sustain and subtle dynamics. 

If its within your budget go for the non brass based cymbals. They should last longer and get the kind of professional sound you’re after!

Three of the main manufacturers are listed above. All three will create rich sounds… I would personally recommend the Zlildjian set particularly if you prefer a tighter funkier HH sound. 


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